Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Our ad agency has a trademarked way for solving marketing challenges. What’s so different about SymbioMarketing?

A. Just about every agency worth its commission or fee has a trademarked name for its process. Unfortunately, that’s usually all it is – a name for a process used by virtually everyone in the advertising field.

SymbioMarketing is different. It isn’t just a fancy name for a standard process. It’s a genuine methodology like the famed “salesmanship in print” approach, the Unique Selling Proposition, or Positioning. No smoke. No mirrors.

Q. How different is SymbioMarketing from regular marketing?
We don’t want to take a big risk.

A. If your organization is relationship-minded, SymbioMarketing may only involve a handful of strategic and creative tweaks to what you’ve been doing. (However, they are always important additions and adjustments… and they can have a profoundly positive effect on your results.)

But risky? Definitely not. Plus, you’ll approve every aspect of our plan and creative before the execution stage.

Q. How can we get SymbioMarketing working for us?

A. One way is by hiring Knight & Associates to handle the copywriting and/or design of your next project(s), which will also involve some critical strategic planning.

The other way, if you have an agency or are taking care of the creative in-house, is to order a SymbioNalysis®. It will be your step-by-step guide to marketing symbiotically and to maximizing your ROI.

In either case, we’ll study background information about your organization and your upcoming fundraising objectives. We’ll also examine your recent promotional materials, your website, information about your donors and prospects, and what’s happening in your marketplace.

We’ll analyze all of this information in order to prepare an actionable plan that will provide all the strategic direction you need to market symbiotically, online and/or offline.