In Traditional Advertising, each direct mail package or ad works independently, without any linkage to either past or future marketing activities. So unfortunately, there’s little or no cumulative effect.

With Integrated Marketing, all media follow the same creative strategy. That ensures continuity. But, it also fragments the power of message delivery.

However, in SymbioMarketing, each medium shares the same mission and works harmoniously to achieve your ultimate objective in the most effective way possible.


“Your SymbioMarketing techniques helped us increase the number of online donations by 64% and to increase the dollar value of online donations by 59.6%. And that was during a challenging time when we might have expected a decrease!”

Peter Coombes, Direct Marketing Coordinator
United Way of the Lower Mainland

“You sure know how to get a response out of people. Your SymbioMarketing method had our phones ringing off the hook… so much so that we had to add fax-back ordering to relieve our telephone people. Plus, click-through response rates for our product launch were double – and in some cases triple – what we’ve seen in the past.”

Angie Hirata, Director, Marketing
Maximizer Software

"Thank you for introducing us to SymbioMarketing! We're delighted with the outcome of the campaign and also with the way you worked with us. I look forward to working with you on our upcoming campaign."

Eleanor Ryrie, Director, Marketing & Development
Center for Integrated Healing