SymbioMarketing is an approach to fundraising that enables you to benefit from the symbiotic relationships that exist between your organization and:

  • donors
  • prospects
  • competing non-profit organizations
  • other publics

The core of SymbioMarketing is an umbrella marketing philosophy that has proven itself successful time and time again. It’s supported by 9 sub-strategies and a host of tactics that enable you to achieve specific goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.

You can have Knight & Associates provide you with a plan and creative that employ SymbioMarketing strategies and techniques. Or you can commission a SymbioNalysis® and implement the symbiotic marketing plan on your own.

Will your organization benefit from SymbioMarketing?

Do you:

  • send the same appeal to all prospects in one mailing?
  • mail “special” appeals?
  • send tax receipts en masse?
  • have concerns about competing non-profits?
  • ignore the competition?
  • sometimes feel shy about asking for donations?
  • wonder if you’re mailing too frequently?
  • ever ask yourself whether emotional or factual copy would work best?
  • have declining or stagnant response rates?
  • have average donation amounts that are typical – or less – for your category?

If you’ve answered “yes” even once, you’re sure to benefit from SymbioMarketing.

When you market symbiotically, you’re assured of:

  • improved open rates for your outer envelopes
  • direct mail letters that get read more intensely
  • more effective e-campaigns
  • increased newsletter readership
  • higher web traffic and stickiness
  • a bridge between branding and direct response
  • increased response and retention rates
  • greater long-term donor value
  • more evangelists for your cause

Two ways to take advantage of SymbioMarketing®

  1. Have us handle your creative requirements.
    We’ll begin by analyzing your previous marketing materials and any additional background information you provide. We’ll investigate your competition – both direct and indirect. And we’ll help you clarify your objectives and long-term strategies.

    Then we’ll go over your plan to determine where and when you can improve response by utilizing symbiotic marketing methods.

    Finally, with your approval of the prescribed plan of attack, we’ll prepare creative for you that employs the SymbioMarketing techniques that will be most effective for your situation.

  2. Commission a SymbioNalysis® – a detailed “marketing roadmap” to guide you in implementing a symbiotic plan with creative that you prepare and execute yourself.

    Your custom-created SymbioNalysis will be the result of our detailed analysis of your past activities and results, your competitive environment, your objectives and your resources.

    We’ll recommend specific modifications to your existing marketing plan including media suggestions. We’ll also provide design elements and copy blocks as required – everything you need to promote your organization symbiotically and maximize your ROI.